Current Projects

Stay up to date with our most recent campaigns, initiatives, and programs.

Cowboy Carnegies

The Cowboy Carnegies campaign seeks to raise awareness of Wyoming’s Carnegie library buildings and promote their preservation and continued use. AHW recognizes the importance of the remaining Carnegie buildings, constructed as centers of community learning and gathering, and serving as the site of many formative experiences for Wyoming’s citizens. 

Lemley Mill Stabilization

During the Summer of 2023, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming is giving you the chance to Participate in Preservation! The Lemley Mill, near Atlantic City, will be stabilized through a combined effort of BLM, Historicorps, AHW, and volunteers. You don’t need to be a preservationist to volunteer at any of the 5 sessions offered from July through August. Our support of this project is funded by the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

Tracks Across Wyoming

Our Historic Landscapes Initiative is now known as Tracks Across Wyoming. Although the Alliance for Historic Wyoming name was kept after the merger with fellow nonprofit Tracks Across Wyoming, the name “Tracks Across Wyoming” has been kept alive by renaming our existing landscapes initiative. Tracks Across Wyoming is a collection of stories and programs focusing on Wyoming’s open spaces, cultural landscapes, and historic transportation corridors.