Our Mission

As Wyoming’s statewide historic preservation nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming (AHW) is dedicated to protecting our historic and cultural resources in both the built and natural environments.

We work with individuals, organizations and state and local governments to identify the places that represent Wyoming’s history and culture, and take steps to ensure that these important places survive – respecting the story of past generations and enriching our lives for the future.

Our Story

After Lesley Wischmann joined Barbara Dobos in fighting to ensure that Martin’s Cove remained in public hands, they decided to ask the Wyoming statewide historic preservation nonprofit for guidance and help. Except, to their surprise, they learned Wyoming was one of only 3 states without such an organization. Their experience with Martin’s Cove, additional issues they could see looming, encouragement from other preservation professionals and a stubborn optimism led Dobos and Wischmann to undertake the challenge of building a statewide historic preservation nonprofit to protect Wyoming’s special resources. Thus, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming was born around Dobos’s dining room table. Soon after, Mary Humstone joined the board and we were off and running!

What We Do


The Alliance for Historic Wyoming is your one-stop for historic preservation advocacy.


The Alliance for Historic Wyoming offers half-day or full-day workshops to fit the historic preservation needs of your community. These workshops are ideal for city and county historic preservation commissions, Main Street boards, Chamber of Commerce and economic development organizations, and for homeowners and neighborhood groups.


Whether you are interested in historic rehabilitation, nominations to the National Register, or the preservation of a building, The Alliance for Historic Wyoming staff are ready to help you with your preservation goals!

Who We Are

Our organization functions through the hard work and contributions of our executive director, board members, volunteers, and members. Our board is a diverse group of varied professions, experience and ages, who share a common commitment to ensuring that Wyoming’s historic places and spaces have a role in our future. We meet four times a year in different locations around the state and work together year-round via electronic communications.

We’re actively seeking interested candidates from all regions of the state. If you’re interested in taking your passion for historic places and spaces to a statewide level and working with engaged citizens on issues such as protecting historic landscapes, preserving and re-purposing historic schools and libraries, celebrating Wyoming’s historic places and empowering people to preserve their own historic buildings, let us know! Please give us a call or send an email so we can tell you more.