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Antler Hotel History

History of Antlers Hotel Research from Leonard Cash The Antlers Hotel was Newcastle’s first permanent building made of brick and native stone. In May of 1890 the building was completed for the owners, Kilpatrick Bros and Collins, of Cambria Mines. The basement of the building was 50 x 100 feet and the home of the city’s courthouse. The building had…

Sheridan Inn

By Carrie I. Edinger, Historical Educator & Events Coordinator, Sheridan Community Land Trust The Sheridan Inn is a historical treasure to Sheridan, Wyoming and the building represents a rich local history and American western legends. The inn is a 145-foot-long, three-story, L-shaped structure that was designed by Thomas Rogers Kimball, an architect of Omaha, Nebraska. Kimball’s plan for the Sheridan…

Wyoming Motel, Cheyenne

The Wyoming Motel in Cheyenne was one of the many motels that sprung up in the heyday of long distance automobile travel. The motel was built in 1936, making it Cheyenne institution for the last 80 years. 

Virginian Hotel, Medicine Bow

The Lincoln Highway was notorious for attracting unique landmarks to draw in business from travelers. One such place on the Lincoln Highway, now Highway 30, is a monolithic, three-story stone building – the Virginian Hotel.

Hotel Tomahawk

The Lincoln Highway didn’t only offer spectacular views of the beautiful countryside across America. It also offered some pretty nice accommodations. The Hotel Tomahawk in Green River was as glamorous as any hotel in its time, and it has continued to serve the population of Green River in various ways over its lifetime.

Kuster Hotel, Laramie

The Kuster Hotel in Laramie is not named for infamous General George Custer who was very active in the west during the mid to late-19th century. The Kuster Hotel was actually named for a German family that was one of the first to settle Laramie in the 1860s. Built in 1869, the hotel was the first stone building built in the town.