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Scandal at the Corthell Farm

Story submitted by the daughter and granddaughter of Ross Hill: Gail Hill Mehle and Melissa Mehle. Photo of the Corthell Barn from the early 1900s. The old Corthell farmhouse and dairy barn still stand in West Laramie off HWY 130. The structures were built in the early 1900’s and contributed to many stories and traditions within the Corthell family. Here…

Corthell Dairy Barn

Located in West Laramie off of Highway 130 stands the 1910 wood frame Corthell Dairy Barn. Owner Candace Pisciotti was awarded a Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grant in 2016 to assess the barn’s condition. She hopes to develop a plan to preserve the building for future use. 

Lowell O’Bryan Monument

On the western edge of the University of Wyoming campus stands a largely forgotten monument to a former Cowboy. The Lowell O’Bryan monument is an unassuming stone drinking fountain located directly west of Old Main. It bears a plaque that reads “He gave himself to insure the safety of others.”

Trinity Lutheran Church

The First Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church on August 13th, 1884, conducting services in Scandinavian languages. Newly arriving immigrants who were experiencing the same cultural changes were able to support each other in the shared space of the church.