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The Wandering Hermit

By Dan Brecht, Owner of the Wandering Hermit Wheatland was founded to serve the farms and ranches that sprung up in the Wheatland Flats after the Wyoming Development Company began its ambitious irrigation project. Gilchrist Avenue, the widest street in the new town, became the preferred location for new businesses springing up between the Colorado and Southern Railroad depot and…

Wells Fargo Building and Tower, Casper

The Wyoming National Bank in downtown Casper celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1964 with a modern building complex unlike any in Wyoming.  The bank was designed by Denver architect Charles Deaton, who also designed the so-called “Jetson House” west of Denver, which was featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 movie Sleeper

Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens gets its name from the outcropping of sandstone that the wind has eroded into fanciful shapes resembling the turrets and towers of castles. This unusual formation has been luring visitors for thousands of years, and many of them left their mark in the soft sandstone.

Lowell O’Bryan Monument

On the western edge of the University of Wyoming campus stands a largely forgotten monument to a former Cowboy. The Lowell O’Bryan monument is an unassuming stone drinking fountain located directly west of Old Main. It bears a plaque that reads “He gave himself to insure the safety of others.”

Cheyenne Carnegie Library

The first library in Cheyenne was located in Central School in a relatively small room. As the town grew and its needs multiplied, a committee to build a new library was established in 1900, and two years later, Cheyenne had a Carnegie Library.

Trinity Lutheran Church

The First Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church on August 13th, 1884, conducting services in Scandinavian languages. Newly arriving immigrants who were experiencing the same cultural changes were able to support each other in the shared space of the church.

Art 321, Casper Artists’ Guild

The Casper Artists’ Guild’s renovation of the former Pacific Produce building for their new location is a great example of how abandoned historic buildings can transition from a public burden to local gem and destination place with strong community support.

Empire, Wyoming

Empire was founded in 1908 by African American settlers who came from Nebraska to build a racially self-sufficient, politically autonomous community in the Equality State.  Empire thrived for about a decade, but vanished from the map in the mid-1920s.