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The Alliance for Historic Wyoming (AHW) officially merged with a different Wyoming nonprofit organization, Tracks Across Wyoming, in the summer of 2017. Tracks Across Wyoming was Wyoming’s state chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association and was devoted to education about the history of the Interstate 80 transportation corridor across southern Wyoming, celebrating the National Historic Trails, the railroad, Lincoln Highway, and even aviation history. The new Tracks Across Wyoming initiative will expand the former Historic Landscape Initiative‘s focus on historic landscapes and trails to include Wyoming’s historic transportation corridors. The initiative will be featured in a number of programs and stories. Look for the logo on the bottom of the page on upcoming stories!




For more than two decades, Tracks Across Wyoming (Tracks) has promoted historic preservation and cultural tourism along the historic transportation corridor of southern Wyoming. The impetus for the formation of Tracks Across Wyoming was the brief revival of Amtrak service in Wyoming in 1994. Charter members came from the six counties in southern Wyoming — Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater, Uinta and Lincoln. To help visitors find and explore the historical treasures of the corridor, Tracks created a website that lists festivals and events throughout the corridor and prodcuced an audio tour of the corridor. It is from this background that the new Tracks Across Wyoming will draw inspiration for future programs and preservation stories.

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