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Knight Hall History

Knight Hall History Knight Hall (1941): Original Negative: Knight Hall, University of Wyoming, 1941, University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center, Ludwig Svenson Collection, negative number 34153.1 Located on the University of Wyoming campus, Knight Hall began construction in 1940 and was completed in 1941 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The building served as a women’s dormitory and was named…

Old Johnson School

The Old Johnson school, which is currently being occupied by Destiny Church and Academy, was built on the South Side of Cheyenne in 1923. Following an unfortunate accident in 2016 which compromised a load bearing wall on the west side of the school, Destiny Church and Academy was awarded a Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grant in 2016, which connected them to TDSi in Cheyenne. 

Roosevelt High School

The school was originally built in 1922 as North Casper School. Thanks to the Casper Housing Authority and the VA, the old Roosevelt High School will continue to be a neighborhood center for another hundred years.

Laramie Plains Civic Center

The Laramie Plains Civic Center is a terrific example of how former school buildings can be adaptively reused for the greater good of a community. Laramie will have to face this issue once more as the high school built in 1960 is now empty after the city built a brand new high school that opened in 2016.

Laramie High School

With the new Laramie High School now completed, questions surround the fate of the one built in 1960. There is a glimmer of hope, however, if we turn to the past. Laramie has an excellent track record of reusing its high schools, with one former high school now being used as apartments and the other serving as the Laramie Plains Civic Center.

Nellie Iles School

One of few schools in Wyoming to incorporate Craftsman elements in its design, Nellie Iles School in Laramie is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding neighborhood.

Saint Joseph’s Children’s Home

St. Joseph’s began in 1930 as an orphanage. Since then, it has been converted to a psychiatric residence facility for kids from around the state. St. Joseph’s uses its history in the area to enhance their practices by preserving and reusing historic facilities in their day to day operations.