Knight Hall History

Knight Hall History

Knight Hall (1941): Original Negative: Knight Hall, University of Wyoming, 1941, University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center, Ludwig Svenson Collection, negative number 34153.1

Located on the University of Wyoming campus, Knight Hall began construction in 1940 and was completed in 1941 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The building served as a women’s dormitory and was named in honor of Emma Knight who became the advisor of women in 1911 and later became UW’s first full time dean of women in 1918. Knight Hall was designed in a Collegiate Gothic style by famed architect, Wilber Hitchcock.

Over the course of the structure’s 31 year history as a dormitory, it originally housed over 1,200 women in 70 rooms and by 1946, it expanded to a total of 120 rooms. During World War II, Knight Hall played an intricate role by housing additional residents from Hoyt Hall while the U.S. Army increased the amount of soldiers in the Laramie area for training purposes. By 1972, Knight Hall ended its journey as a dormitory.

Today, Knight Hall continues its operation and development as an administrative office and service building for student resources. It is also home to Wyoming Public Radio which is located in the western section of the building.