518 Broadway, Thermopolis, Wyoming

By Rin Kasckow

June 12, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.21.21 PM.pngIn 2017, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming awarded a Historic Architecture Assistance Fund (HAAF) grant to the Thermopolis-Hot Springs County Economic Development Company (EDC) for a building located at 518 Broadway in Thermopolis. The building is two-stories with a western commercial style facade built in 1906. The front half of the building was reconstructed with iron brick in 1917 due to a fire, the back half was built from native sandstone.  It is included in the Downtown Thermopolis Historic District which was prepared by the Thermopolis Downtown Revitalization Committee and approved in 1984. The owner of the building was interested in rehabilitating the building and re-activating the second floor space to use as a mixed-use residential space.From this picture you can see the original sandstone on the right of the image and the "new" brick due to the fire on the left side. From this picture you can see the original sandstone on the right of the image and the “new” brick due to the fire on the left side. Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.21.42 PM.png

The original facade of the building still remains intact and the building has all of the original wooden single pane, double hung windows. The possibilities of utilizing this amazing historic building are endless. The top floor has been unoccupied for a couple of years and needs some repair but the ground floor is currently being occupied by Flying Eagle Gallery which is an Art, Arts and Crafts Supplies and Support services for Arts business. It’s important to have the gallery present within the structure so as to have continued upkeep for the site.

The building continues to be part of the commercial core of Thermopolis as the town has grown. This project recognizes the historical significance and the continued integrity that was produced by an architectural report generated by the HAAF grant. Allowing for the owner to take next steps in the continued development of the structure.

This project was funded in part by a Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grant and completed by High Plains Architects. The program is offered by the Alliance for Historic Wyoming in partnership with Wyoming Main Street and the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, and is made possible by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.High Plains Architects Logo.jpgWy Cultural Trust Fund Updated Logo.jpg2017 HAAF Partner Logos.png


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