Mad Dog & The Pilgrim Booksellers – Sweetwater Station, Wyoming

Booksellers final-4.png

By Polly Hinds

Established in Denver in 1990, Mad Dog and the Pilgrim Booksellers moved the entire operation to Sweetwater Station in 2000. The site of the bookshop is on the old Countryman Place, also known as The Sweetwater Crossing Ranch that has a very long history on the Sweetwater River. The home we live in was built by Mace Countryman in the 1970s with the core of a house consisting of the original log cabin built by the Countryman family in the very early 1940s. The design of our bookshop was intended to blend with the history of the Sweetwater River and was constructed by Leon Atwood of Lander, Wyoming.

People often ask us how in the world we ended up putting a bookshop in the middle of nowhere in  Wyoming and I invariably answer-“We were just lucky”. We have earned the support of many booklovers from all over Wyoming, most especially Lander, Laramie, Casper and Jackson.

We left Denver and literally never looked back.

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