The AMK Ranch, Grand Teton National Park

Carly-Ann Anderson: The AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park is one of Wyoming’s gems.  In 1890, John Sargent homesteaded a peninsula defined by Jackson Lake and what is now known as Sargent’s Bay.  He raised cattle and had a small store, and sold his land in 1926 to William Lewis Johnson who constructed a two-story log house with stunning views of Jackson Lake and the Teton Range.  The Johnson family also constructed a barn and several cabins.  In 1936, Alfred Berol (of Berol Pencil fame) purchased the property and constructed a vacation home in 1938.  These properties, both built for entertaining, became part of the Park in 1976 and an agreement with the University of Wyoming to use the location as a research station was started in 1978.  I’ve been lucky to spend several summers at the AMK doing research on historic properties in the Park.  The buildings and surrounding landscape represent a number of significant periods in the area’s history including homesteading and tourism.


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