Warren Rest House

By Luke Anderson

August 13, 2015

The Warren Rest House is located in Holliday Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The structure is named for Frances E.Warren, the same individual for whom the local air force base is named (F.E. Warren Air Force Base).Warren donated the funds for the building to be constructed in the original City Park, which is now occupied by the Wyoming State Supreme Court Building. The shelter house was built in 1902 in memory of Warren’s wife.

The Warren Rest House was moved from downtown Cheyenne to Holliday Park, where it currently livesThe Warren Rest House was moved from downtown Cheyenne to Holliday Park, where it currently lives

In the mid-1930s, the Warren Rest House was moved from City Park to Holliday Park to make room for the Supreme Court building which went up in 1937. It has sat at this location ever since. Originally, the building had two levels. Above, it functioned as a covered shelter. Below, it featured storage and public restrooms. When it was moved, only the upper level was kept.

Prominent Wyoming architect William Dubois, who designed Cheyenne’s Carnegie Library (demolished in the 1970s), designed the Warren Rest House. The building sits on a buff sandstone foundation with red and blond exterior brick and red brick on the interior. The brick guardrails have detailed recessed panels. The shelter’s entry steps are made of granite. The roof is constructed of timber and has asphalt shingles, though the original structure used Spanish Red tile.

The Warren Rest House’s connection to a prominent local resident as well as having been designed by a well-known and prolific local architect makes this building historically, culturally, and architecturally significant. Frances E. Warren’s love for his wife and his city led to his donation of funds that would go on to provide a structure for public use for over 100 years.


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