Hufford House

By Luke Anderson

July 28, 2015

The Hufford House sits outside of the small town of Cokeville in western Wyoming. The Sublette Trail and homestead sites in the area that the house sits in are significant to the Mormon pioneers and the local community. History of the building is relatively scarce, but historical survey maps indicate that the structure existed as far back as 1907, making the building over 100 years old. 

Hufford House, Cokeville, Wyoming

The original house was built with horizontally laid hand hewn logs over a stone foundation. An addition in the 1940s on the north side of the building was constructed with horizontal wood siding which gives the building two distinct appearances. At some point the original stone foundation was replaced with poured concrete, although some portions of the stacked stone foundation still exist and in fact still support areas of the structure. The roof has been replaced and the interior of the building has a new steel structure that was installed for structural stability.

Despite the updates that the building has received over the years, it is still in very good condition with high levels of integrity, making the Hufford House eligible for a nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. For another look at the house, check out the 1974 movie Seven Alone. The movie was filmed at the Hufford House and is an interesting primary document for historical context. This property was awarded the Alliance for Historic Wyoming’s Historic Architecture Assistance grant in 2013, on receiving the architecture firm Dubbe Moulder developed a rehabilitation plan to continue the preservation of the building. 


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This project was funded by a Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grant, and completed by Dubbe Moulder. The program is offered by the Alliance for Historic Wyoming in partnership with Wyoming Main Street and the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, and is made possible by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.


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