F.S. King Brothers Ranch: Frank Stocker King

July 25, 2018

Information from F.S. King Bros. Ranch Laramie, Wyoming 1888 – 1950 by the American Studies Program, Mary Humstone & Sarah Schill.

Our fall fundraiser at the F.S. King Brothers Ranch is almost here and tickets are still available! But as the date gets closer, we at the Alliance for Historic Wyoming wanted to take this time to answer an important question that might be present when reading about this event: Who was F.S. King?

F.S. King refers to Frank Stocker King who was born in Isle of Man (a self-governing British Isles) in 1867. When he was seventeen he moved to Wyoming, he was joined by his younger brothers Herbert and Joseph in 1887 and 1890. Frank worked for a Laramie rancher and merchant by the name of Paul Pascoe, by 1887 he had become a full partner in Pascoe’s operation.

Frank King solidified the King legacy in 1888 when he filed a homestead claim for 160 acres, the land would become the summer headquarters. Today the 160 acres that Frank King once owned has become a Historic District preserving the structures and the history of the land. Access to this district has been limited in the last few decades, our F.S. King Brothers Ranch Homestead Tour is a way for you the public to glimpse at the homestead frozen in time.


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