Union Tavern

By: Rine Kasckow, AHW Staff

hudson_wy.jpgThe town of Hudson, Wyoming was first settled by George H. Rogers and his wife Emma Rogers who came into the area to homestead in 1891. After George H. Roger’s death, the land was sold to the Hudson Coal company which turned the area into a company town. The small town would later become incorporated in 1909 and at one time would reach a population of 1500 residents. But as we all know with the coal industry, there have been many booms and busts which affected the little town of Hudson. By the 1920s, most of the mines had been closed up and there was a shortage of jobs.The Union Tavern is the white building to the left. 

The Union Tavern is the white building to the left.

Though there were shortages, booms, and busts one building remained opened through everything, the Union Tavern. The bar was originally built in 1915, and is located on 217 S Main St, Hudson, Wyoming. Recently the bar has gone through extensive remodeling which uncovered the original wood floors and the original bar. The bar remains a reminder of Hudson’s coal and mining days to this day.Hudson Bar.jpeg



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